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Vienna Business agency

In collaboration with Flora Fessler (AUS), currently setting up the MetroLab, a Think Tank for metropolitan areas, based in Vienna. Roberto Michelsen (MEX) who is experienced in developing architectural designs in public space that enable societal exchange. And Lucas Bartholl (DEU) who contributes to the team with his knowledge of community engagement and the mediation between the various actors involved in the project.
Bee Liebe is a prototype vessel/bee hive designed as a cartographic device and a provider of ecological services. Honey might be understood as the ultimate nature data sheet, given that it provides a full range report about the health and conditions of the ecosystem in which bees dwell. This project reclaims the potentiality of both river streams and bees dynamics to stimulate the landscape along with the creation of a tool that allows us to know better the diversity that makes up a territory (and the impending dangers). Designed along with Roberto Michelsen, the model seeks to take advantage of industrial debris. The modular style of it’s compounds allows for it to grow or diminish in size, depending on the needs of each space in which it might sail.